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NT 4.0 Server

Microsoft® Windows NT® Server 4.0 is a multipurpose server operating system. A multipurpose operating system does more for less because it integrates a variety of network services that you need to run your business. This area describes the core functionality of the operating system. You'll find information on specific Windows NT Server services, such as communications or management, by following the links at left.

Accelerating the Performance of Windows NT Server 4.0 Check out the new Kingston Memory study from Mindcraft, an independent testing lab, which shows a quantitative demonstration of the benefits of how more memory impacts Windows NT Server 4.0. Plus, learn how to save on Kingston server memory, which can accelerate the performance of Windows NT Server.

This paper gives a brief look at how companies across a wide spectrum of businesses are simplifying administration and management functions, reducing application complexity, cutting down on hardware requirements and expenses, and ultimately reducing the total cost of ownership for network systems. They demonstrate how Windows NT Server can be used to build a rich enterprise-computing environment for:

Web services:

By unifying the Web server into the operating system, Windows NT Server minimizes the traditional scenario in which additional software, and sometimes hardware, must be licensed to design, deploy, and manage

Web applications.

Windows NT Server includes software required for creating intranets, commerce-enabled Web sites, and extranets. Included tools run the gamut from basic, entry-level Web page creation software to sophisticated scripting tools.

Custom and line-of-business applications:

More and more businesses need the flexibility of buying or building applications, depending on the tasks at hand. Today there are literally thousands of applications designed from inception to maximize the management and performance features of Windows NT Server. If an organization needs an application that is not available off the shelf, Windows NT Server meshes seamlessly with rich development tools -- including the Microsoft Visual Studio® development system -- and Microsoft SQL ServerTM to provide a unified, easy-to-use environment for unlimited application development potential.


Windows NT Server includes a wide range of tools and protocol support to enable most communications configurations. This reduces the need for additional, complex add-ons and hardware, and dramatically simplifies the process of creating WANs and intranets that can be used for linking employees, no matter where they reside.

Network administration and management:

Windows NT Server was designed to support more hardware than any other network operating system. Because of its broad reach, Windows NT Server includes a robust set of management infrastructure services upon which Microsoft and third-party vendors have built tools to manage every aspect of the network -- from basic file-and-print services to remote diagnostics and software installation. This all-encompassing, simplified approach is designed to minimize or eliminate the need for extra software and hardware resources, which in turn helps companies control administration expenses and overhead.

Multimedia content:

Windows NT Server comes complete with Windows® Media Technologies, which enable the delivery of dynamic, high-quality, high-bandwidth multimedia content, including audio, animation, and up to broadcast-quality video. Windows NT Server is the multi-purpose operating platform that integrates the essential services -- and integrates with the essential applications -- that enable individuals to succeed at any computing task.


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