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Consulting, Support & Site Design
BamburghMarrsh LLC contracted with "System Wide Resources" for Web Design, security and support for 2004. New Site Design to facilitate company product information and sales portel for the world wide web. Continuing the project begun last year,System Wide Resources will upgrade and streamline the new site to handle the addition of new products and purchasing options. When complete,approximately Five new product lines with over 12 new items each will be on line for purchase.

E-Comm Site Design
Save-A-Tree's Save-A-Tree contracted with System Wide Resources for Web Design and support for 1999-2003. New Site Design to institute E-Commerce store. System Wide Resources will upgrade and streamline the new site to handle the addition of new products and on-line purchasing.

System Wide Resource will provide a wide range of support services for our customers this year. In addition to last year's broad NT & MS Windows systems support, S-W-R will be providing services such as...

  • MS Office Support
  • MS XP Home & Pro Support
  • Windows NT Systems Support
  • AutoManager Work flow Systems Support
  • Develop & Maintain an Internet Based Support Site
  • Adept Standards Management Software
  • investigate unlawful email (SPAM)
  • Implement Migration to MS Office 2000-2003
  • Training Program

System Wide Resources looks forward to the challange of small & Medium businesses for the upcoming year.

For information, direct email to mailto:info@s-w-r.com.


About System Wide Resources
S-W-R is a privately held WEB Design & Systems consulting firm located in Vancouver, Washington primarily serving the Pacific Northwest communities.
For more information contact System Wide Resources
Ridgefield, Washington
Mail: 601 NE 184th Street
Ridgefield, Washington
Tel: xxx.xxx.xxx
Fax: xxx.xxx.xxxx
Email: System Wide Resources

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