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We have PARTNERED with NORTEL NETWORKING to provide all your networking needs at an affordable price.
Check back here to find guidance in solving your everyday design systems problems.
We'll have technical white papers, a comprehensive technical reference center for the web, FAQ's and more.

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Recomended Books and Information

Below is our comprehensive portfolio of products and services designed to address today’s and tomorrow’s needs of any networking environment, from the smallest SOHO user to the largest global enterprise network. Please click on your area of interest.

Networking Solutions

Access Products
Products and services that connect users to networks.

Business Applications & Services
Call centers, messaging, desk top applications, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), telecommuting, voice features, and other products for businesses, institutions, and governments.

Optoelectronic and microelectronic components.

Data & Internet Products
Products and services to build access, edge, and core data networks.

Directory & Operator Services
Operator service offerings (alternate billing and operator assistance, enhanced directory assistance, and intercept service); non-traditional services (enhanced information services, 1-800 access, call center applications); licensable interfaces and programmable terminals; enterprise directory services; and full automation and navigation for all services.

Intelligent Networks
Products and services to create and introduce services across networks -- independent of switching platforms.

Internet Telephony
Products that use packet technology to exchange voice, fax and data over private and public networks. Solutions include products that transform existing telephony networks and those that add telephony to packet networks.

Network Management
Tools to manage networks easier, faster, and more cost-efficiently.

Optical Networks
Products and services for fiber optic-based long haul and metropolitan area networks.

Professional Services
Business and network planning, implementation, and management services; repair and remanufacturing; training; product support/warranty services; systems/network integration; and product performance solutions.

Wide Area Network Edge Products (Routers)
Products that direct communications traffic across LANs and WANs including routers, multiservice platforms, extranet and voice/data platforms.

Satellite Network Solutions
Solutions for delivering mobile, fixed wireless, broadband, and multimedia services anywhere in the world.

Small Office & Residential
Voice and data solutions for small offices, home offices (SOHO), and residences.

Switching Products
Products that connect voice, data, and multimedia traffic through the network.

Telephones & Accessories
From the home to the boardroom - telephones and accessories with styles, features, functions and accessories for every type of customer.

Video & Cable Products
Products for video, multimedia, distance learning, and cable applications.

Wireless & Mobility Products
Communications systems that give customers the freedom of mobility.

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